About the Authority

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About the Authority

Maryland is extremely proud of its health care institutions, colleges and universities and non-collegiate schools. The strength of these institutions is the foundation of our state's future.

The mission of the Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority is to assist non-profit educational institutions and hospitals and related health care organizations in financing the construction and acquisition of capital projects. In pursuit of our goals, we strive to keep abreast of opportunities to reduce the cost of capital in order to meet the changing needs of our borrowing institutions.

MHHEFA Provides Least Cost Financing

  • Access to the Capital Markets
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Bonds, including Commercial Paper
  • Leases and Subleases for the purchase operation and management of projects for institutions
  • Private Placements and Direct Bank Placements
  • Public and Limited Public Offerings
  • Loans to participating Institutions
  • Pooled Loan Programs

MHHEFA finances on behalf of...


  • Hospital facilities, free-standing medical facilities, ambulatory care centers and other outpatient facilities
  • Parking garages, research facilities and equipment
  • Major technology improvements
  • Continuing care communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes
  • Health care facilities, health-related short or long term housing


  • Collegiate and non-collegiate campus buildings: academic buildings, student centers, research buildings
  • Student housing, dining halls, libraries, parking garages, utility plants, equipment technology upgrades

MHHEFA financing may involve...

Purchase, demolition, construction, renovation, upgrade and equipping of facilities for the nonprofit healthcare and collegiate and non-collegiate institutions of the state of Maryland.


As a public instrumentality and partner with our borrowing institutions, Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority plays a vital role in improving the health, wellbeing and educational opportunities of the residents of our state.

Providing access to capital is balanced with respect for the requirements of the investors and the tax-exempt status of a financing.

MHHEFA Authority Members & Staff

Authority Members

Chairman: Arnold Williams
Vice-Chairman: Sheila K. Riggs
Ex Officio: Nancy K. Kopp
Member: Frederick W. Meier, Jr
Member: Mamie Johns Perkins
Member: John Phelps
Member: Bonnie Phipps, CPA, FHFMA
Member: W. Daniel White


Authority Staff

Executive Director: Barlow T. Savidge
Chief Financial Officer: Lynn Gorman-Lepson
Senior Account Manager: Lena Prince
Account Manager: Mary Jane Lupus
Account Manager: Kathy Rech
Office Manager: Stephanie Burrell


Financial Advisor: Public Financial Management, Inc
Financial Advisor: Wye River Group
Bond Counsel:  McKennon Shelton Henn LLP
Independent Auditors: Cohn Reznick LLP

Get In Touch With Us

The Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority is located in downtown Baltimore.

401 E. Pratt Street
Suite 1224
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Phone | 410.837.6220
Fax | 410.685.1611
E-mail | contact@mhhefa.org

Financing Applications

As financing is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual project, application forms are prepared to address the needs that have been defined. Financing is available for:

  • Public Offerings
  • Private Placements
  • The Authority's Pooled Loan Programs
  • Leases

Employment Opportunities

The Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority has no job openings at this time.